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AKA: Elise, Mandi Collins, Valentina, Valentine, Valentinesbaby


Born [dd-mm-yyyy]: 1986

Birthplace: United States of America United States of America

Started Modelling: 2006


Measurements: 80/58/80

Height: 170 cm

Piercings: Nostril (left)

Hair Colour: Fair

Breasts: Large (Real)

Official Site:

Interview Page:

Social Network: Klicka Här

Tattoos: Right shoulder blade (Mystic Symble with a eye), left calf


Tags: United States of America , fair hair , large natural breasts , piercings

Favourite of: 78 members
"USA! USA! Rooting for this relaxed natural American woman." ( Krsouth )

Page Credits: Midwest Davey , WabiSabi , RASDARK , yaaz , hypnopilot , Sinner , calyx , Greenep , iamod.fan , celco74 , necs

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MET Art Bio:
Valentine is currently a student and a bartender in New Orleans, LA . She has experience at modeling, mostly artist model at the local university, and loves to travel. The beach is her favorite place, loves to eat vegetables, her music is reggae and bluegrass. She collects items at the beach, mostly fish bones and shells.

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2013-09-25 10:41:10 necs Reply
2013-09-06 19:05:28 celco74 Reply
her official homepage seems to be no longer online.

2013-08-02 13:48:45 iamod.fan Reply
there are of the model, here check this:

2013-03-28 23:22:18 ol' Curmudgeon Reply
A new selection of older photos of this model appears on Domai for March 29. It appears that this set is composed of pictures from shoots from four or five years ago, judging from the clothes, etc.
2012-12-13 08:11:01 WabiSabi Reply
Added Valentine @ MoreyStudio.

2012-06-09 13:45:51 Greenep Reply
tumblr: http://vlaroche.tumblr.com/
2012-06-02 06:06:53 no name Reply
Three times? And here we go again... ok it's a nice joke, but habits aren't always beneficial, are they?
2012-04-04 15:39:38 blue parrot Reply
LWL, keep up with a good job - and don't worry, this site is pretty much the war of hackers, so your confession does not have to sound so serious - although Russel may be less forgiving as you are an insider and have indeed breached your clients' trust. From where I stand, keep on picking the beauties, bring Naomi to the top (I agree that more non-Caucasian women should be among Top 10), but don't vote for a while for Valentine A (she is rather plain looking and no comparison to Ukrainian and Russian beauties) and also let fans of Iveta B have their kick. On a final note, I can offer you a list of uncontested divas to bring them to the top - wink.
2012-04-02 11:18:34 Davey Reply
I fail to see what LovelyWomanLover and other people hacking the system to put in false votes think they are achieving.

If they were such a fan of a particular girl they wanted to see her top of the list maybe I'd understand but to elevate random girls just because they know how is pointless. Still, LWL does seem extremely proud of the fact that he's helped to wreck a system produced for the enjoyment of fans so we should allow him his moment of glory.

2012-04-01 13:52:11 LovelyWomenLover Reply
Dear Mr blue parrot, dear Mr Russell.

Hackers should not regulate "aberration". Real voters should.

Here's my confession. But I doubt Mr Russell will publish it (or partially).

It's time you realize fake votes are added by people working for this site (not all of them). If you want to laugh a lot, come early in the morning, 1st day of the month. Dozen of fake votes are added either by a robot or by human hands in an hour, often for girls nobody knows, only to generate fake activity.

Valentine is a very beautiful women with an incredible body and pretty face. I think she's way better than a recent contender with an under average body (for a model), a butter face, and never a smile (nevertheless, I'm sure she's a nice person, and I wish her the best for her diploma). This model has no more legitimacy than any other to receive 4,000 fake votes. So I added 4,000 fake votes to another one.

Today, I added exactly 40 votes to Valentine, 12 to Veronika, 23 to Gabriella (I think we need colored women in the top more often). The rest were added by another hacker. I will stop there.

Also, this morning, the Covers Top 10 was hacked in the last hour by me and someone working for the site. All the covers I choose was remove a couple of minutes later (I kept a screenshot showing the real result). Boring covers with (albeit lovely) Kinga, Peta, and Amelie were kept. Now these covers receive negative votes by angry people. Also, thank the hackers for having remove the little mermaid Ariel with dozen of negative fake votes. This was a really disgusting move toward the most beautiful cover we ever seen (and I didn't chose it).

It was fun to hack the site even more than the persons who work there, but for now I'm done with this activity. I did it because it annoyed me to see someone (only one person, maybe two working together) choosing all the girls in the top ten, often with poor taste (but that's an opinion). At first I wanted to add only 1 fake vote per hour to my favorite (not a crime) but the other guy responded with 1 more fake vote per hour to any other. So, I added more. In the end, we added 400+ fake votes per day. Ridiculous. That's enough. Don't expect to see a lot of girls with more than 1,000 votes in the future. It will be dead calm here, and you'll realize the amount of fake votes. Girls in the top 10 receive circa 10-15 genuine votes per day, all the rest is fake.

I hope you liked Angela as much as you liked all the girls I pushed to the top since CJ and Pepper times: Susann, Anna, Natalia (twice but by mistake, I wanted to crown Sabrina but the other guy pushed Natalia instead, then you asked (blue parrot) for a correction), Sonya, Jenya. If Angela were shot by Voronin, she would be incredible. I also pushed in the competition Indiana, Leila, Rebbeca, Anne P, and many other for your enjoyment. I hoped to see which ones were your favorites by adding the same amount of fake votes to every girls but the other hackers have killed this hope with their own (and often random) fake votes just to annoy me.